Oxilver® set + GIFT: toiletry bag


First aid products for skin and nails.
First aid products for skin and nails.


  • Oxilver Nail spray,
  • Oxilver Skin spray,
  • Oxilver Skin gel and
  • a microfibre toiletry bag (red or blue).


ACTIVE OXYGEN products – mandatory equipment for every travel pharmacy.

An innovative combination of active oxygen and selected ingredients OXYGENATESREGENERATESNURSES and DISINFECTS the affected area.

OXILVER® Skin gel 30ml:

  • inhibits and accelerates the healing of herpes on the lips,
  • soothes inflammation at the site of an insect bite,
  • reduces pigment spots,
  • restores ingrown nails.

OXILVER® Skin spray 100ml:

  • soothes the skin after sun exposure,
  • cleans and accelerates the healing of abrasions, minor wounds,
  • relieves itching and redness due to hives (sun allergy),
  • cleans and nourishes acne prone skin.

OXILVER® Nail spray 100ml:

  • accelerates the recovery of damaged nails,
  • softens the structure of thickened nails,
  • moisturizes and restores cracked skin on the heels,
  • prevents the development and spread of fungal infections,
  • softens calluses and heals blisters.


  • material: microfibre
  • dimensions: 26 x 12.5 x 7.5cm
  • colour: blue or red

Advantages of a travel pharmacy with the OXILVER and OROXID products:

  • 3 products that provide comprehensive care for problems with skin and nails (fungal infections, abrasions, blisters…)
  • Proven effective and safe FOR ALL GENERATIONS
  • EASY and CONVENIENT method of use at home and on the go
  • No side effects – a completely natural mechanism of action


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