OROXID® sensitiv oral hygiene solution 250 ml


Solution is intended for maintaining oral hygiene and healthy gums with: sensitive oral
Solution is intended for maintaining oral hygiene and healthy gums with:

  • sensitive oral mucosa,
  • for adults and children,inflammatory conditions,
  • braces, prostheses,
  • dental implants,
  • for daily and long-term use.



OROXID® sensitiv oral hygiene solution 250 ml



OROXID® sensitiv oral hygiene solution 250 ml is an innovative medical device based on active oxygen compounds.This is a new mechanism of action that oxygenates, regenerates in disinfects the oral cavity.

OROXID® forte oral hygiene solution is intended for maintaining:

  • oral hygiene,
  • healthy gums and
  • to help against inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity.

It is also intended for preventing and alleviating periodontal diseases, such as:

  • smokers,
  • patients with diabetes
  • individuals with the weaker immune system etc.

It is recommended as a complementary daily oral hygiene for:

  • fixed braces,
  • partial prostheses,
  • fixed prosthetic substitutes (veneers, bridges),
  • dental implants and
  • patients with orthodontic irregularities, since it improves results, where normal oral hygiene is more difficult to maintain.

It helps alleviating:

  • dental plaque/tooth stains,
  • bad breath,
  • mouth ulcers (aphthae),
  • coatings on the tongue and oral mucous membrane, usually connected with the presence of fungal agents.

Due to their mechanical properties and release of oxygen in the form of mild foam, the active oxygen compounds affect the microenvironment in the injured oral mucosa. They work only on the surface of mucosa and do not penetrate into deeper tissues.


  • does not contain alcohol, chlorhexidine or sodium oxychloride,
  • does not contain nanoparticles or CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) substances
  • new mechanism of action (oxygenates, regenerates, disinfects)
  • suitable for adults and children, older than 6 years
  • safe with short- or long-term use
  • appropriate for all types of oral mucosa (sensitive, injured)
  • proven effective (preventive, care and healing)
  • easy-to-use and convenient


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