Intensive oral care set


Set for an intensive oral hygiene and help with severe forms of periodontal inflammation.

Set for an intensive oral hygiene and help with severe forms of periodontal inflammation.


  • OROXID® forte solution and
  • OROXID® forte spray.



OROXID® forte is an innovative oral solution based on active oxygen compounds. This is a new mechanism of action that oxygenates, regenerates and disinfects the oral cavity.

OROXID® forte is intended in particular to alleviate and prevent periodontal diseases such as inflamed, bleeding gums, gingivitis, periodontitis and gum damage due to procedures. It is recommended as an intensive oral hygiene in case of problems with cleaning implants, bridges, dentures and coatings and helps prevent bad breath, dental plaque and ulcers on the mucosa.

The OROXID® 250ml solution is suitable for use at home and as an aid in treating problems in the oral cavity when a larger amount of oral solution is needed.

The OROXID® 100ml spray is intended to facilitate the use of the product for people who have to clean and rinse the oral cavity even during the day: young people with fixed dental braces, people with bad breath, canker sores. OROXID® in a 100ml plastic bottle is also suitable for air travel.

The OROXID® solution is the only one in Europe registered as a medical device for the prevention and reduction of periodontal disease and the treatment of inflammation in the oral cavity. Because it does not contain alcohol and chlorhexidine, it is safe, effective for adults and children, both for occasional and daily or long-term use.

The OROXID® products bring a completely new mechanism of action, which supplies the damaged gums and mucous membrane with oxygen, oxygenates, nourishes and restores them. The contact of the solution with the oral mucosa leads to the targeted destruction of harmful microorganisms. At the same time, the active form of oxygen is released, which results in slight foamingThe bubbles mechanically clean and remove debris from the inflamed areas and have a beneficial effect on the microenvironment of the damaged mucosa. Inflammation, bad breath, plaque on the tongue and teeth are reduced or removed. The solution easily passes to hard-to-reach places under the gums or between the teeth, which cannot be reached by using a toothbrush. Therefore, daily use of the OROXID® solution is extremely important to ensure oral hygiene in these hard-to-reach places. With the process of oxygenation and regeneration OROXID® helps to reduce inflammation and accelerates the recovery of the affected area.

A mixture of Actipone® herbs (ginger, echinacea and myrtle), which is added to the solution, complements the action of active oxygen compounds and inhibits the reproduction of harmful bacteria and plaque build-up.


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