ENIKAM is a Slovene cosmetics development company with its own innovative products, based on active oxygen compounds.

The whole idea and the start of searching for formulas originate from people’s need and wish to offer products which really help and provide solution to people who have problems with skin, nails and oral cavity.

If we look at the statistics, we see that more than 35% of people have problems with nails (fungal infection, psoriasis on nails, injuries or ingrown nails), as much as 45% of people have problems with skin (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne, red, irritated or damaged skin) and more than 55% of people face problems with oral cavity (pyorrhoea, gum inflammation, bleeding gums, dental implant, postsurgical healing etc.). Therefore, we are dealing with an increasing problematics in the areas of skin, nails and oral cavity and we are at the same time aware that these people receive only little help with products and medications, available from doctors or on the free market. Healing creams and ointments offer temporal relief, but a well-known fact is that antibiotics, antimycotic medication and corticosteroids offer only a short-term help. Because of side effects and resistance (unreactivity to active ingredient) they can be used safely and effectively for only a short period of time.

Active oxygen compounds introduce a completely new mechanism of action and a new concept of health and beauty. On the areas of application, the cells nurture, oxygenate and regenerate. They can be used independently or in combination with already prescribed or chosen products and methods (ultrasound, laser etc.). Active oxygen compounds are acquired with a special production process and are stabilised with ‘food grade’ stabiliser which ensures a high grade of purity and safety. This method represents the best approximation of the biological form of oxide, produced by our immune cells. Our cells can therefore recognize it and accept it as their own. Upon contact with skin, an active form of oxygen, which oxygenates the cell and activates the process of recovery, is released.

Inventiveness and incomparability of our products OXILVER and OROXID are the result of their revolutionary composition, which is based on complementary effect of active oxygen with additional ingredients which offer high purity, safety and similar action to a biological system of our body.

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