OROXID® sensitiv oral hygiene spray 100 ml in OROXID® sensitiv oral hygiene solution 250 ml contain: deionised water, 1.5% hydrogen peroxide* solution, obtained using a special technological process, Actipone® PX3 (combination of herbs: Echinacea, myrtle, and ginger), flavour and stabilizer.

OROXID® does not contain alcohol, chlorhexidine, or sodium oxychloride; therefore, it is safe for a long-term use and does not dry out oral mucosa.

* Main ingredient is Active Oxygen produced from highly purified Medical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is obtained using a special demanding technological process and is purified and stabilised with food-grade stabiliser, reaching the highest level of cleanliness without heavy metals. The oxygen compounds obtained this way closely resemble biological forms of hydrogen peroxide which are produced by our immune cells. The body’s cells recognize them and accept them as its own in a form of active oxygen compounds. They do not belong to the same group of regular hydrogen peroxide, which is labelled as biocide and chemical for disinfection. The product is therefore safe and suitable for adults as well as children.


The use of OROXID® sensitiv is safe and does not damage hard or soft tissues in the oral cavity, nor does it increase the risk of long-term unwanted effects. The product OROXID® sensitiv is intended for local use in the oral cavity and for gargling only. The product is not intended for ingesting and after gargling you must spit it out. If the use of the product OROXID® sensitiv causes a feeling of irritation, it is usually only temporary and passes after a few minutes or after you rinse your mouth with water. The feeling of irritation may appear if an individual already has ulceration in the oral cavity. If the feeling of irritation lasts for more than five days, you should consult your dentist. The studies show that everyday use of low concentrations of active oxygen compounds up to 3% is also safe for a long-term period (up to six years).